Why Your HVAC System Matters


At BAM Builders, we use Lennox HVAC units to allow the air in your home to be cooler, warmer, dryer, cleaner, and in general: better.

2022 TAB Star Award Winner


We are honored to be a 2022 TAB Star Award Winner. The TAB Star Award has over 600 entries across the State, and less than 200 awards are presented.

What do I get to pick?


A lot of times, we get asked, “what all do we get to pick when we build with you?” And to be honest, almost all of it.



Our team takes great pride in efficient work, our subcontractors’ expertise, and the quality of materials we use.



If you like Alexa, then you’ll love the smart features we include in our custom homes.

Pre Build Process


Want to build your dream home?

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Aging in Place


If you spend the time, money, and energy on building your dream home, chances are you’ll want to stay there for many years to come.