If you spend the time, money, and energy on building your dream home, chances are you’ll want to stay there for many years to come. But what happens when you have an unexpected surgery and can’t walk up the stairs? Or your mother-in-law moves in, and her wheelchair doesn’t fit through the doorway?

At BAM Builders, we design homes using the “age in place” concept . . . the idea that your home should fit several stages of your life so you can stay where you feel most comfortable and “age in place.” By designing your dream home with the future in mind, you won’t be forced to leave the memories behind when the unexpected arrives.

Designing a house using the “age in place” concept starts with the floor plan designer or architect who incorporates all of the structural requirements and details in the house plan. Then, the builder looks over the house plans and catches anything the architect may have missed. The builder can also help you find additional design elements to make the home even more accessible.

BAM Builders goes beyond ADA requirements and incorporates some of the following design features into our “age in place” homes:

  • wider doorways
  • wider hallways
  • well-circulated floor plan allowing for easy movement throughout the home
  • roll-in shower with a 3-ft turning radius
  • one-story homes with no level changes
  • two-story homes with an elevator

“Aging in place” is the perfect option for those who want to stay in their dream home for the next 10 to 20 years. It’s also a relief for friends and relatives who use wheelchairs . . . they will move around your house with ease and independence every time they visit.

While you might not need the “age in place” features today, the future is closer than you think. BAM knows that unexpected events can alter our lives in a single moment, so let us help you plan for the unplanned.

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