ZIP System
by Huber Engineered Woods

Proudly Using Huber's ZIP System Since 2017

  • About The ZIP System

    Huber's ZIP System is what we put on the outside of the house to “dry it in” toward the end of the framing stage, and it is STURDY. It’s what we use in place of OSB and house wrap, and it’s something that every BAM house has, regardless of size or location. ​​​​​​​​

  • Why BAM Uses Huber's ZIP System

    Huber's ZIP System provides a continuous air and water barrier. It comes pre-treated to ensure there is no damage while on site from weather, allowing us to control the air for the home, providing the right kind, quality, and quantity of air a home needs. They also stand behind and continuously improve their products to make them even better for their customers.

  • Benefits

    A tighter, more energy-efficient home that will stand the test of time.

  • Materials

    Roof Sheathing, Wall Sheathing, Advantech, Flashing Tape, Stretch Tape, Liquid flash, and their peel and stick underlayment.