• About Lennox HVAC Units

    Lennox HVAC units allow for the air in your home to be cooler, warmer, dryer, cleaner, and in general: better. We use Lennox systems in our builds because we care deeply about the health of you and your loved ones and believe that the air system in your home matters.

  • Why BAM Uses Lennox

    Lennox has over 125 years of experience in crafting energy-efficient air solutions. Because of their heating and cooling, comfort controls, and indoor air quality systems allow for your home to be built to the highest standards and give you the best quality of air. We don’t want just the foundation of your home to protect you, but for the air you breathe in to protect you also. Additionally, Lennox has a commitment to excellence, and that reflects our own values at BAM Builder’s; and have yet to receive any complaint or disappointment from a customer with Lennox HVAC units.

  • Benefits

    Both energy and financially efficient, Lennox HVAC Units provide you with the healthiest air quality in your home, even from their lowest tier to their highest.