The Lincoln Family Groundbreaking

At BAM Builders, we take pride in being a company that is active in our community. In August 2022, we broke ground on the future Lincoln Home, a home free of charge for Harold Lincoln and his family.

Harold L. Lincoln is a disabled veteran who served in the U.S. Navy from April 1955- December 1957. After serving, he worked in the construction industry as a project foreman, which moved him from Austin to Waco. For 47 years, Lincoln and his wife Mary lived in the same home in Waco, where they raised their six sons and two daughters.

Their home underwent an electrical fire in May of 2021, which destroyed two bedrooms and a bathroom, causing smoke damage to the plumbing, electrical, and to windows throughout the house. This left Harold and Mary with no option but to move in with one of their daughters– where they did not have enough space.

When the community heard about this, there was no hesitation in working together to figure out a solution for the Lincoln family. H-E-B Operation Appreciation, Operation Finally Home, and ourselves are more than thrilled to build the Lincoln family a brand new custom-built home in Waco without any charges. Thank you to all of our partners that have worked with us to make this happen.

At BAM Builders, we care deeply about making your home a place you can “age in place,” meaning that the home grows with you and plans to accommodate any future changes in your life, such as medical health or family moving in with you. We are proud to build this into a home that will work with Harold and Mary for many years to come. It’s a true honor to be part of this project, and we cannot wait to welcome them into their new home.