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This charming, small footprint floorplan inspired the cottage feel for this home. You can find a few special unexpected elements which make this cozy home anything but ordinary. 


Although this is a new build, for the exterior, I wanted to choose an element that would make it feel lived-in and welcoming with a European cottage touch, which is why you will find a brick with an aged feel and rough edges with a German smear on the brick. To bring another element of texture, chosen was a Board & Batten that compliments the “cottage” aesthetic.


I wanted to keep some traditional components of a typical cottage home but modernize it a bit which is why you will find this color story. Instead of a typical white, we went with a warm grey hue that compliments the brick, and we brought in a creamier white for the trim. A navy blue for the doors was selected to give it a modern touch, along with the black roof and black coach lights.


Working with the smaller footprint, it was important to keep it cohesive throughout the home. For that reason, we used this color scheme inside but used in different ways. The doors, kitchen lowers, and guest suite bath all share the same colors, yet they look stunning in their own way. On the walls, I felt it was vital to make it feel open, bright, and airy while complimenting the other colors, which is why white was chosen. You will find large windows and glass doors letting plenty of natural light in, and for this reason, I selected a low sheen on the walls to minimize reflections. I then accented the walls with a painted trim and doors, which is unexpected, but keeping it neutral created a modern but classic touch to the space.


We truly wanted to have special moments in this home. You will find that we selected fun tile pieces to compliment this home that brings warmth, coziness, and, again, a cottage touch. For example, in the kitchen, in order to invoke the cottage feel, we were inspired by the bold pattern tile for the backsplash, which makes the small footprint kitchen feel special and unique. In the utility room, you will find we brought that cottage element again with the herringbone laid floor, giving this room its own moment. The primary suite stands out on its own when we combined the same tile in 2 different colors but with a small ribbon against the top, giving it a more modern design touch.


In most typical cottage homes, you will find a wood floor. In Texas climate, that is not ideal, so we used this warm-toned vinyl in a glue down to emulate the feel of a wood floor. The glue down makes it more durable and comfortable under your feet, reduces sound transmissions, and makes it water and moisture-resistant. Making this the perfect option!


Throughout the home, you will find this luxurious countertop. Originating from Brazil, this natural slab’s colors and movement beautifully complement any color and style. This natural stone is able to withstand high heat and last a lifetime.

Appliances: Frigidaire

We selected appliances that would complement this small footprint but be able to get the most out of it. For this reason, Frigidaire appliances were selected. Frigidaire is amongst the best for their quality, style, and features while providing energy efficiency.



Gold fixtures in the main parts of the house. You will find polished nickel in the bathrooms and secondary rooms. We used mixed metals to incorporate a transitional touch to each space. I selected simpler fixtures with cleaner lines to bring a modern aesthetic to the spaces.


Intended to feel unique and timeless, we selected the Belshire Collection for the primary bath. This collection is featured in satin brass to make this small bath feel luxurious and an oval sink to bring in a traditional touch. For the secondary rooms, displayed is American Standard Town Square S collection. These fixtures compliment the DXV, but having them in polished nickel brings a sense of sophistication to each space. The kitchen faucet had to have its own moment sitting near the window. To tie in the traditional elements in the kitchen, you’ll find a polished nickel pull-down face in the Delanacey Collection.

Special thanks to Alex Garza and Daniel Flynn at DesignCo for collaborating on this project and the following vendors for their contribution.

American Standard

— Mari Price, Former Designer/Selections Coordinator