If you like Alexa, then you’ll love the smart features we include in our custom homes. And while the possibilities are endless, we want to make your home only as smart as you want it to be. That’s why we listen closely to your needs and wants before recommending the smart features that best suit your family and lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider when choosing smart features:

  • Do you want surround sound?
  • Do you want to control that sound with your phone? Your voice?
  • Do you plan to mount your TV?
  • Do you want to hide your TV’s wires?
  • Do you want to build a separate closet designated for tech accessories?
  • Do you want to control your AC and heat from your phone?
  • Do you want to unlock your door from anywhere in the world?
  • Do you want outdoor speakers?
  • Do you want energy-efficient lighting?
  • Do you want a security system?

When considering these options, think about functionality rather than the specific technology. What do you want your home to do for you? Let’s talk about it. Then, we can determine the specific wiring, devices, and permits you might need. Deciding on these things early in the planning phase saves you time and money, so we want to tackle this early on.

Remember, technology is here to make our lives easier, not more complicated. Don’t be afraid to create a smart home, but also know your capacity for technology . . . don’t make your home smarter than you. Let’s work together to find the right amount of smart for your dream home.

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