Accessory Dwelling Units

The term Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) might sound pretty industrial but it’s likely you know someone who has one. ADUs are more commonly called mother-in-law suite, guest cottage, garage apartment, pool house or, here in Texas, casita.

ADUs are secondary dwelling spaces on the same property as a larger home.

Putting an ADU on your property can be a great way to increase your living space capacity to add more family or to rearrange to better meet your family’s needs. An in-law suite is ideal for keeping an aging parent close while they still maintain some independence. And a garage apartment is a smart way to give a college-age child some space and privacy as they prepare to leave the nest.

If your family loves to host friends and extended family for visits, a backyard guest cottage gives you a way to spend even more time together when they visit. An ADU can even be an income source if you intend for it to be a rental unit.

accessory dwelling unit

Which ADU is best for you? BAM Remodeling can help you figure that out. From surveying your property to determine placement of the ADU, to designing a structure that compliments your home aesthetically, we can walk you through the entire process.  Accessory Dwelling Units can also come with some building requirements and BAM will make sure you are meeting those and complying completely.

Though smaller than and secondary to main housing, ADUs get BAM Remodeling’s full effort and attention to detail, as if we were building your forever (full-size) home. And, as we do with all of our projects, we will work closely with you on choosing materials and keeping your budget in mind.

ADUs not only help your home meet your needs right now, they also can boost your property value and cache, which can be helpful, should you decide to put your home on the market.

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